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Avatars: 100x100px
Our hero! One of the doctors Maxwell, a cat Maxwell, a cat A work in progress! Petric, the spitting cobra. Petric, the spitting cobra. It's a weasel. It's a wolf. It's BOTH! It's a weasel. It's a wolf. It's BOTH! What could Bobby English possibly do for a living...? This is one cool bird. Awwwwww Dr.M again - in prettier colors! Model citizens need not worry. OR is it a fancy peahen!? Book'n it. What the heck? Disco Fever, baby!
Banners: Thin
Petric the spitting cobra, drinking hot chocolate. Secret agent bird. A peahen, who looks rather like a peacock.
Avatars: Other Sizes (97x97, 100x80, 80x100)
Maxwell the Army cat. Brainiac and one of the doctors. Brainiac and one of the doctors.
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